JList - J-List supports child ***

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2 comments

The site J-List.com advertises them self on sites, like 4chan.org that allow Child *** and illegal downloads.

Don't buy anything from this site!! Your money is being used so they can advertise to pedophiles.

I tried to contact them several times and got no response to my questions as to why they do this. Finally someone responded and said they didn't see a problem with it because it's legal in Japan. Just because it's legal in Japan doesn't mean it's legal in the USA. Please don't buy from this site. There are many similar sites like yesasia.com that are much better.



4chan does not promote CP. why is it 404d all the time? :(

Kemp, Texas, United States #9677

J-list is a website themed with Japanese Culture. One, ONE being Lolicon and Shotocon. That is ONE selling point they serve to their customers.

If we close off businesses and culture just because it's illegal here, we wouldn't have the CURE for Diabetes!

I don't go down to the South or the ignorant hick town where you live and shoot you in the face because you are racist against black people and used to abuse them as slaves!

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